Литмир - Электронная Библиотека

His mouth met hers in response, mashing into it hard, their tongues caressing one another as their passion grew, savoring every inch of his length sliding in and out as they stood in the stream.

Their tempo increased as did their grunts of pleasure, the cool water the only thing keeping them from absolutely dripping in sweat. As it was, the exertion still drew a fair amount from the both of them regardless.

Heydar waded to shallower water, never once slowing his thrusts as Darla’s wetness flowed down his engorged cock, leaving him slick with her down to his thighs. She had hit her groove. The perfect spot where her orgasm was building and building until it would crest, crashing over her.

Unlike the humans she had been with in the past, this man kept perfect tempo, not speeding up or slowing down, allowing her to climb that hill to a blinding climax. And when the orgasm finally hit, all bets were off.

They threw restraint to the wind and fucked like animals, primal, violent, and out of control, unable to get enough of each other as climax after climax rushed through them both until they finally collapsed in an out of breath heap on the shoreline.

Heydar ran his fingers through her hair, kissing her tenderly on her forehead as it rested on his chest. They lay there like that a long while until, finally, they roused themselves from their sex-induced stupor.

They walked hand in hand most of the rest of the day, taking their time and reveling in their post-coital cheer. Darla’s mind was reeling. Here she was, a human hoping to find her way home. But suddenly, she really wasn’t sure if she even wanted that. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she was sure she was happy right where she was.



Darla and Heydar had somehow managed to make themselves sore by the morning, and with their runes refreshing their bodies, that was saying something. They had made camp in a quiet indentation in a rock formation, but sleep had not been their top priority. At least, not until it was quite late indeed.

When they woke, they realized that in their contented state of good cheer, they had actually traveled much farther than they had realized the prior day. Time and distance flew by when you were having fun. And that they had most certainly achieved.

Heydar gave Darla a tender kiss then left her to begin her day in a slow and relaxing manner while he headed to the nearest stream to catch them some breakfast. Normally, he would have simply settled for the dried goods and remnants of bread they had carried with them, but Darla’s pigment had nearly set in, and he knew she would be needing additional protein to speed the process.

With her Infala nearly formed, he found himself almost like a schoolboy, eager for the final stage of her transformation to be complete.

He caught a large fish in no time, skewering it with a skillful throw of his makeshift spear. Having achieved that part of his goal so quickly, he set to work gathering fresh berries for his lover on the return hike.

“So soon?” she said when he returned to camp.

“Fortune smiles upon us this morning,” he replied, his smile nearly as warm as the rising sun recharging their pigment and refreshing their muscles. “Here. I also brought you these.”

“Berries!” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet and planting a big kiss on his face. “You really are the best, you know?”

The slightest flush of color rose to the normally unflappable man’s cheeks. He glanced down and saw that Darla had already placed the kindling and firewood in a little pyramid, ready for use. “I should start the fire and prepare our meal,” he said.

“Wait. Let me try,” Darla interrupted, crouching down in front of the kindling.

She raised her hands, focusing like he had shown her. Things felt different this time. More connected. Like she was actually in control of the powerful ink covering her body. A tendril of smoke began to rise.

“Did you see that?”

“Yes. Very good. Now finish what you have started.”

She shot him a look hot enough to ignite the wood itself. “You know I always finish what I started.” She turned back to the wood, concentration clear on her face as she raised her hands once more. A moment later the wood burst into flames, bypassing the minor ignition phase entirely.

She was growing by leaps and bounds, it seemed, and with her pigment nearly completely settled, she was proving to be one hell of an impressive specimen.

Heydar smiled wide, reveling in this feeling he had given up on ever experiencing again. All was good in the world, amazingly. Captured by Raxxians, crash landed far from home, taken by Dohrags, and yet here he was, the happiest he’d felt in longer than he cared to remember.

He skewered the fish and set it over the fire, and in short order their meal was complete. More impressively, they managed to keep their hands off one another for the duration.

“Do we have time?” she asked, taking his hand and licking his fingers clean.

“Even if we didn’t, my answer would be yes,” he said, pulling his cock free and guiding her eager mouth onto it.

Darla swirled her tongue around the head, teasing him playfully, fully enjoying the easy comfort they had achieved with one another so quickly. There was no pressure. No expectations. And the sex was absolutely amazing for it. On top of that, they both knew they had still only scratched the surface of what they might achieve.

Darla tasted the salty tang of his pre-cum on her tongue and increased the suction, sliding him all the way to the back of her throat.

“Ohh, yes,” he said in a low groan.

Darla cupped his balls with her hand and began working her mouth up and down his ridged shaft, increasing the suction as she pulled back, drawing even more blood into his already rigid cock.

“So good,” he growled, his cock throbbing in her mouth.

Darla felt his balls tighten, drawing in toward his body. She knew he was already close, but this incredible man was a sexual machine. He could go and go, enjoying multiple orgasms as he drove her to distraction. And she wanted to taste him. To feel his hot cum in her mouth. It was something she had never really enjoyed back on Earth, but with Heydar it was as if she couldn’t get enough. Her tastebuds craved the salty heat, and her folds were already wet just from the thought of it.

Heydar tried to pull back, always the gentleman, wanting to give her an orgasm first, but she held on tight, sucking even harder. He realized what she wanted and went with it, allowing himself to let go. It only took a few more glorious strokes of her tongue to make him burst into her mouth, his whole body tensing as she sucked every last drop of cum out of that magnificent cock.

Darla felt her body absolutely aflame as she swallowed with delight, licking his shaft clean while looking up at him with a deliciously wicked grin. Heydar twitched as her tongue slid up and down his shaft, pushing the last droplets out of his length, lapping them up with relish.

In a flash he rolled her onto her back and pulled her clothing free, exposing her glistening vulva to his eager lips. “My turn,” he said with a look that could have melted steel.

He gently lapped at her labia, licking all around before dipping his split tongue inside of her, tasting her as he did that amazing trick. He lingered there a minute, his low, happy moan vibrating her pussy as he worked her into a frenzy, clearly enjoying it nearly as much as she was.

With one fluid motion, he slid two thick fingers into her as his lips formed a seal around her clit, the suction engorging her even as his fingers rippled against her G-Spot. It had felt good the first time he’d done that trick, but their newfound intimacy made it even hotter.