Литмир - Электронная Библиотека

His fingers tightened, not too much, but just enough to hold her steady, taking control as he thrust harder. Darla’s first climax hit hard and fast, sending her bucking against him. He held her firm, not letting her wet pussy slip away from him but keeping her close, thrusting on and on, pushing her over the edge into a chain of body-shaking orgasms.

She was out of her head with bliss, but even in that state she could feel the hard pounding of his heart, his muscular chest pressed firmly against her back as he wrapped her up in his arms. Darla wanted him inside her so bad it hurt. She shifted her hips, sliding forward, feeling the head of his cock teasing her vulva as it slid back and forth, nearly penetrating her with each stroke.

Darla angled her pussy for proper insertion and pressed back, guiding him with her body, drawing him close.

Holy shit, am I really doing this?

She pushed back and gasped as the thick tip of his cock slid into her, stretching her open, her body twitching as she fought to relax enough to grant him that blissful entry.

Heydar’s body tensed. In a flash he released his grip and pushed free.

“What is it? Are you—”

He had a hand raised for silence, his blades held at the ready in each hand. She looked at him, wondering where they had even come from.

He quickly moved to the cavern opening in a crouch, the small rune on his pubis churning with power, his erection still hard in front of him. A faint breeze on his sex-slick cock brought that little detail to his attention. Quickly, he tucked himself into his trousers. He turned to Darla and motioned for her to stay still and remain quiet, then crept out into the daylight.

Darla gathered up her clothing and dressed as quietly as she could, her ears straining for any sound of what was going on outside. But tucked inside the cavern, the only sounds she heard were those of the breeze passing the opening and the occasional shifting of rocks as they slid down the hillside.

What the hell is going on? And talk about shitty timing!

She moved closer to the mouth of the cavern where more light was filtering in. She was looking to see if she could catch a glimpse of whatever was happening out there when something sitting atop a flat rock just inside the cavern’s mouth caught her eye.

Oh, he did not. Seriously?

Apparently, while she had slept, Heydar had laid out a little spread of native fruits, vegetables, and some of the native bread they had been saving in their packs. He had also unwrapped a few pieces of the local sweet cake, dense with carbs and sugars, which her body was certainly craving right about now.

He made me breakfast in bed, she pondered, shocked. He actually got up and made me breakfast in bed. Or cave. Whatever. Regardless, after all the shitty guys I dated on Earth, this seven-foot-tall alien is the one treating me right? She took a bite of the cake, savoring the taste as well as the effort he had made for her.Not bad, Heydar. Not bad at all.”

“What is not bad?” a deep voice said from the cavern opening.

“You’re back!” she exclaimed, excited and relieved. Then she saw the blood.

Heydar gauged her look of concern and held up a small animal. “Do not worry, it is not mine. It seems it was not the Raxxians that stumbled upon our resting place after all.” He walked over and tossed the beast next to the smoldering remains of their fire. “In any case, inconvenient as the intrusion was, we need not worry about today’s food,” he said, pouring some water from the container over his hands, washing the blood away.

They could spare it. There were enough small streams in the area that there was no concern about running out of water. And he had raced from the cavern only partially clothed. Blood would wash from skin far easier than from clothing.

Darla watched him run his hands over his exposed torso admiringly, the water cleaning specks of blood from his thick muscled body. He made quick work of it, though, the earlier mood had been thoroughly killed along with the animal that had interrupted them.

They ate together, sitting close, their legs lightly touching but none of the heightened arousal of earlier. Adrenaline had put an end to that. For the time being at least. But this was nice too. A closeness that frankly took Darla by surprise at how comfortable it was. How easy.

Heydar cleaned up the remains of the meal and thoroughly doused the embers, then he wrapped the animal that would be their dinner tightly and bound it to his pack. Fully clothed and ready to go, he led her out into the daylight.

“We must remain quiet and move quickly,” he said quietly.

“What is it? I thought you said the Raxxians weren’t here.”

“I said they did not stumble upon our resting place. But the longer we are out here, the more likely it is they have sent a retrieval team to this world.” He glanced around, scanning for any danger but finding none. At least, not yet. “Come. Let us be off. We have much ground to cover.”

He hid the worry in his eyes, but Darla picked up on it all the same.

Oh, Heydar. What have we gotten ourselves into?



Heydar and Darla had not wasted time packing up their gear and heading out toward the section of downed ship. They had gotten caught up in the moment, but that temporary bliss had been shattered, interrupted by not only a wild animal, who had paid the price, but also the rude reminder that the Raxxians had lost a valuable ship and would no doubt be working on retrieving their cargo post-haste.

They moved quickly over the hilly terrain leading to the crash site. It wasn’t nearly as rocky in this section of their trek, and the rises and dips were far less intense than the craggy cliffs they had to traverse previously. That allowed Darla a moment to allow her heightened senses to take in the sounds and smells as well as the sights around her.

There was a faint tinge of smoke in the air, but incredibly subtle. Something had burned but how far away there was no telling. The flowers and foliage were also giving off novel smells, vibrant and healthy, adding to Darla’s much improved mood.

Alien animals were making what she assumed were normal alien animal noises, but like the trace smoke, she had no idea where exactly they were. Judging by Heydar’s relaxed gait, none of them were close enough to be an issue. In any case, they would be at the crash site soon enough.

Heydar’s long legs were churning at a substantial pace, but Darla found herself keeping up much easier than before. Her legs felt even stronger than the other day. Yes, it was definitely the pigment healing into her body and giving her a boost, she reasoned.

Interestingly, the increased strength seemed to peak in daylight hours, and the higher in the sky the sun traversed, the more revitalized she felt.

Of course, he said the pigment draws its power from not just this galaxy, but specifically from the sun’s rays. No wonder I feel so good.

Darla lifted her shirt as she walked, unfastening her waistband as well, looking at the lines of ink running along her body. She noticed Heydar abruptly stop with her peripheral vision, sensing him more than seeing him, truth be told. Likely one more perk of this alien stuff living in her skin.

He looked at her curiously, then stepped closer, her bare midriff triggering a twitch and noticeably growing bulge in his trousers.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Just checking out your handiwork. I feel amazing. I realized the sun must be supercharging the runes and stuff. Is it always going to be like this?”

He nodded. “Sometimes more intense than others. It is dependent on what sort of star acts as a system’s sun. Different solar systems possess different varieties, and no two are identical. This system in particular appears to have a rather powerful sun. I wonder if that might be part of the reason your pigment is bonding to your body so quickly.”