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“Breathe, Malaika,” he said, restraining his own lustful needs as she acclimated to his considerable girth.

Darla exhaled, relaxing her muscles, unclenching, and reveling in the sensation.

“Oh, God, yes,” she gasped, pushing back against him, feeling the first hot ridge on his cock force its way inside of her.

Her head thrashed about, and she saw stars as her whole body exploded into a million pieces, each one of them awash in orgasmic bliss. Her ass pulsated on his cock, drawing it in deeper. Heydar was happy to oblige, pushing forward, each ridge around his length sending her even further over the edge as it thudded inside of her as it forced its way past her clenching hole.

“More! More!” she growled, biting the sheets, her knuckles white as she grabbed the mattress so hard she nearly tore it apart.

Heydar groaned, his whole body rumbling like a big cat as he slowly increased his tempo, driving in and out of her gaping ass, his cock swelling as his balls tightened yet again. The vibrations of his groans shaking him to his core made his cock feel even better, if that was even possible.

Heydar shuddered, letting out a harsh gasp. He couldn’t hold on any longer, nor did he have any desire to. He joined his mate in orgasmic bliss, crying out in ecstasy as he emptied himself into her, his heart and soul pouring forth as their bodies became one.

“I am yours,” he groaned, his body twitching as he spurted again and again. “All yours. Until the end of time.”

The heat so deep in her ass was an entirely new feeling on top of the already blinding orgasmic waves she was riding. Darla couldn’t even scream her bliss, so far over the edge and into her bliss had he driven her. Her toes curled hard as her legs lost all control, her body boneless, weightless, no longer a thing of this world as her climax split her mind open, her consciousness one with the universe.

She floated like that for some time, her soul and his mingling in the warm embrace of perfect post coital bliss.

“No one else,” Darla gasped when her senses slowly returned. “You are all I want.”

“And I you.”


“Until my last breath.”

Both of their Infalas churned with their words, reviving them for another round almost immediately. She had no idea how much longer they fucked, and she didn’t care. As far as she was concerned, this could go on forever and she would happily spend the rest of her days in Heydar’s embrace. When they finally did collapse in a heap after more orgasms than either could count, the lovers fell into the deepest, most restful sleep they’d ever had. And when they slept, they dreamt of each other as they lay in each other’s arms.



Smiles met Darla when she walked through the village as morning broke. Knowing smiles. There was no judgment, however. Nothing like back on Earth. This wasn’t a walk of shame, it was a fully normal, expected part of the Infala process, and the Oraku had heard the cries of passion that entailed on many occasions.

Okay, maybe not quite so loud and vigorous as Darla and her lover had been, but the point still stood. This was what newly bonded mates did.

Her runes were gently glowing, the white pigment that had driven back the other shades remaining firmly in place as her dominant coloration. It wasn’t nearly as bright as the night before, and Heydar had posited it would gradually fade to barely noticeable most of the time, but for the moment it still made her stand out just that much more as she said her morning hellos to those she passed by.

Rohanna and her old friend Tikanna were enjoying a morning cup of tea and fresh biscuits and jam when Darla happened upon them. The two halted their conversation, an amused little grin shared between them.

“Come, join us,” Rohanna offered.

“Yes, do. We would greatly enjoy your company,” Tikanna added, pulling out an extra chair for her.

Darla was actually starting to feel kind of hungry, though she and Heydar had made a lovely breakfast in his quarters before she went out for a head-clearing stroll.

“I was heading to get a little snack at the communal tables, but don’t mind if I do,” she said, taking a seat.

The women slid several biscuits in front of her and poured a tall cup of tea without asking. Even if she hadn’t been hungry, Darla knew far better than to decline their hospitality.

The jam was a mixture of local berries, she learned as she scooped up a dollop onto a biscuit and took a bite. Darla’s taste buds flared alive with joy as the flavor spread across her tongue.

“Oh my God, this is wonderful!”

“An old family recipe,” Tikanna said with a playful grin.

“You made this?”

“I have been known to cook more than just staples,” she said, clearly wanting to broach the subject on the tip of everyone’s mind.

“Go ahead,” Darla said with a chuckle. “Ask away.”

The two women grinned brightly.

“Oh, we are so happy for you,” Rohanna said. “When Zepharos claimed you, we all believed it was settled. But unusual as it is, it seems your Infala has room enough for two mates.”

Darla hesitated, putting down her biscuit, though it was calling to her to take another bite.

“Hang on. You think I’m still paired up with Zepharos as well?”

“Of course. Though how you managed to bring Heydar into the fold without the Infala remains something of a mystery.”

Darla shook her head, pulling open her shirt, exposing her new rune to the women. “No, it’s not like that. See? My old Infala is gone. This is my new one, and it bonds me to only one man.”

The women stared in awe, Tikanna’s mouth nearly hitting the floor in shock.

“B-but, that’s impossible,” she blurted.

“Apparently not.”

“But how?”

“Well, I don’t know exactly how I did it, but when I pushed Zepharos away, I just knew I was meant to be with Heydar. He was all I wanted. And then all of my ink started changing color, see? The white pigment kind of took over everywhere. By the time I found Heydar this had happened.”

“Wasn’t his Infala cold?” Tikanna mused. “He lost a mate some time ago, though he would not speak of it. Curious, his Infala matched your new one.”

“Yeah, about that.”

“What now?” Tikanna wondered.

“I kind of forced his rune to change as well. I didn’t mean to. Well, not exactly. But when I put my hand over his Infala, I could feel myself flow into it. I made it into something new.”

Rohanna and Tikanna stared at her, silent for a long moment as they took the information in.

“She has the gift?” Rohanna wondered. “Is it possible?”

“I had always thought it was only a legend,” Tikanna replied, though she didn’t sound so certain. “But perhaps there is truth to the stories.”

“I don’t know about all of that, but he called me Malaika. It didn’t translate. What could that mean?”

The women seemed surprised, though less shocked than before.

“It is rare that a word does not translate with the runes,” Tikanna said. “But some are so specific to a race that they remain in their native tongue.”

“So, it’s specifically a Nimenni thing?” Darla mused.

“It is. However, we are familiar with the word. A term of endearment, and one very few ever hear, only uttered to the most loved of mates. It is a declaration of love far beyond the Infala’s power.”

Darla felt her pulse quicken. “What does it mean?”

“A rough translation would be my dearest, but also my soul. It is difficult to put into words, but the core intent of it is to declare that you now possess his life force intermingled with your own. If you were to perish, he would almost certainly die with you, so intertwined are your beings.”

Rather than panic, a comforting warmth filled Darla. She was his, and he truly was hers. More than just mere words, it seemed her alien love had put his very life in her hands, and she would cherish it until the end of days.