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Rohanna watched her processing the information and nodded sagely, sizing up their guest with fresh perspective. “Well, my dear, it would seem you have quite an interesting future ahead of you. Should you be up for the challenges, of course.”

Darla had already been mulling over what her life might become and was actually okay with it. “I’m going to find the others who crashed from the Raxxian ship. There are other people from my world out there, and Heydar and I are going to find them.”

Rohanna smiled, approving the plan, but she also had other thoughts whirling through her head now that she had discovered just the kind of power growing in this strange human.

“You will need time to learn your power,” she said. “To be able to control it. You could be so very strong, if only you take the time to properly train.”

“First things first,” Darla interjected. “I need to find the others.”

“There is time,” Rohanna countered. “I understand this Kuxx fellow is quite capable of handling things for the time being. And assisted by one from your own world, I understand.”

“How did you know that?”

“Your prince informed me of the situation when you returned. Right after you departed with Zepharos, actually. He was quite despondent, but even stranded from his people, he still obeyed the rules of decorum for one of his stature.”

“Hang on, did you say prince? I knew he was some sort of leader, but a prince?”

“He did not tell you? Ah, the Nimenni, such a proud people. Proud, and secretive. He is a good man. A bit strong headed, perhaps, but good of heart. Your Heydar is most assuredly more than just a mere general, dear, though he has excelled at that in the past, from what I have heard.”

“How did you hear that? I thought you were cut off from the rest of the world.”

“By choice,” Rohanna chuckled. “I still have my sources, when I am so inclined. I am the Oraku elder, after all.”

Darla was in shock. “So, he’s a general. A general and a prince?” she mumbled, her lips almost numb with shock.

“Yes, the heir to the throne, when the time comes.”

“Wow,” was all Darla could manage as the reality of her situation flowed over her.

“Yes, wow, indeed. And your offspring will one day ascend to the throne as well.”

The record player in Darla’s head screeched abruptly to a halt. “Hang on. Offspring? But we’re different species. Niala said… oh, shit.”

“Yes, it is possible once the Infala has bonded you. But you are different, Darla. You control the power flowing through your body. I can sense it in you. It will be your choice if and when a life will take hold inside of your belly.”

Darla felt her tension fade away as the pigment living in her flesh tingled a warm confirmation of what she’d been told. A broad smile spread across her face.

“What is it?” Rohanna asked. “Are you all right?”

“Better than all right,” she replied. “And if it’s my choice when it happens, I think I’m going to need a lot of practice making babies before I decide to actually have one.”

Darla stood up and turned for her new home.

“Where are you heading?” Tikanna asked. “The food preparation area is that way.”

“Food can wait,” Darla said with a mischievous grin. “I need to get back to my man. After all, practice makes perfect, and there’s no time like the present.”

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