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Lewis Foreman

Fitness mini play

      EPISODE 1: "New Year, New Me"


We open with four friends – JESS, MIKE, SARAH, and JASON, all in their mid-20s, dressed in workout gear, with a look of determination on their faces.

JESS: (looking at her phone) "Alright guys, it's January 1st. The year of the fit and fabulous. Let's do this!"

SARAH: (incredulous) "Are you serious? You're going to fall off the wagon in like six days."

JASON: (nodding in agreement) "Yeah, it's not like the calendar magically makes you more motivated."

MIKE: (pumping his fist) "Nah, not this year. We're going to crush it. Summer 2022, here we come!"

As the group gets into their workout routine, Jess struggles with the weights, Sarah can't seem to commit to a machine, Jason looks like he's about to pass out, and Mike just keeps shouting motivational mantras.

Episode 2: "The Trainer"


Jess, Sarah, Jason, and Mike are all sitting on the rowing machines, covered in sweat and out of breath.

JASON: (gasping) "Why are we doing this to ourselves?"

MIKE: (spinning his hat backwards) "Because pain is temporary, but glory is forever."

SARAH: (rolling her eyes) "Yeah, well, I'm ready for some glory right now."

Suddenly, a muscular man (TRAINER) walks into the gym and spots the group.

TRAINER: (smiling) "Hey, are you guys new here?"

JESS: (catching her breath) "Um, kind of. We're trying to get in shape this year."

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