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Дмитрий Май

The Golden Lament

If u give up what u started, u will lose everything and everyone. And if u keep going, u'll be fine.

U can do it!

© Dmitry May

About the author

Hello) My name is Dmitry A. Shevyakov. My pseudonym is Dmitry May/Mika May. My birthday is 01.04.2008, and my second birthday is May 30. I'm from Snezhinsk. I'm 15 years old now, and I want to tell you something about myself.

People who start reading me wonder: "Why" Dmitry May?

Because the naming is either remembered or not. It should be simple at the same time, but with a twist. Since I work on the public of my brand, " Dmitry "is not just a name, but I say right away with the naming:" Hi, I can just call Dmitry", but" May", bruh, I love spring.

And also, my favorite question, which I love very much: "Are you biba or boba?"

I am a person who has his own worldview and does not put labels on himself. In my understanding, the most important thing in life is harmony. And harmony comes only if a person is happy or happy: conscious weight loss, and not a rule imposed by society, when a person (regardless of gender) feels in the zone of comfortable and cozy relationships, when he loves the one he wants to love (gender is not important).

Simply put, I am in favor of common sense ruling over people, and we live in a society full of relationships, love, support, and not bullying and abusing.

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Little girl's song

In one small town there lived a little girl named Valentina, as everyone called her, and she lived in the city of Snezhinsk. The girl studied only perfectly, loved music, dancing, and math assignments. When Valentina matured, she became a math teacher. She has a son. He also likes math. The son grew up and before leaving for the big city, he wrote a song for his beloved mother and said that the song would be called "Little Girl's Song". Mom was happy and accompanied her son to school. She often thought of her son and smiled.

Have a safe journey, son!

P.S. Based on a true story

Getting to know 2 worlds

In one big city, there was a boy named Chen Qi. He loved music, painted pictures, studied the history of the world, wrote short stories and poems. He didn't have any parents, he lived with friends.

After 10 years in South Korea, a young man asked a friend to conduct a DNA test with another person who lives in Moscow. The test revealed that the guy is Chen Qi's own brother. After a while, Korea notified Qi. Qi couldn't believe his eyes and was surprised!

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