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Lewis Foreman

The trip. Mini play

      Episode 1: Planning the Trip

The scene opens with four friends, Mike, John, Carla, and Rachel, sitting in a coffee shop, discussing their upcoming trip abroad.

Mike: Guys, we’ve been talking about planning a trip for ages now. Let's do it!

John: Yeah, we should definitely go abroad. But where should we go?

Carla: Well, I’ve been to France before, and I loved it there. The food and wine are amazing!

Rachel: Hmm, I’d love to go to Italy. I’ve heard the food is just as good as France, and you can’t beat the beautiful scenery.

Mike: How about we go to both places? We can split our time between the two countries.

John: That sounds like a great idea! Let's do it!

Episode 2: Packing for the Trip

The scene opens with the friends packing their bags before heading off on their trip.

Rachel: How much clothing do we need to bring?

Carla: Just bring a few outfits that you can mix and match. We don't want to be carrying around heavy suitcases.

Mike: And don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes. We’re going to be doing a lot of walking.

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